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Rev. Jesse James
Sunday, April 4
Zoom at 5 p.m.
Complete Edition:
"A New Day Dawning"
What beautiful gifts we have had walking our Holy Week adventures this past week. All have been leading up to this coming Easter morn – Our resurrection into claiming and knowing that we are the resurrected Christ!
We are the infinite Goodness of God expressing in our world this day and every day. We come together this Easter to celebrate those resurrections and also to celebrate our divine power of Power within each of us – one of our twelve powers. This power is a wonderful tool to keep focusing on and using as we continue to keep this wonderful Easter energy alive in our being through the coming year.
We look forward to being with you to celebrate this new Easter Life together. What a joyous walk it is!
"For where two or three gather in my name, there am I with them.” 
~Matthew 18:20
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with Rev. Jesse
Dear Friends in Unity:
Thank you, Rev. Steve, for the best Palm Sunday message that I have ever listened to. 
I loved Rev. Steve’s question of “What would Jesus say if he could sit down and talk with us from his perspective of what Easter really means”? Here are some of the thoughts that I heard from his message and so much more: Jesus wants us this Easter to really understand what Easter means from His perspective:
1.     It’s a celebration of release from all the old messages that we may still carry that are anything less than, “teach only Love for that is what you are”.
2.    Easter is a sign of peace not pain, and a time to celebrate a new life.
3.    Bring the crown of thorns to the alter with unconditional forgiveness along with the white lilies symbolizing innocence. They both need to be brought to the alter and celebrated. The crown of thorns celebrated and then thrown away. Metaphysically they keep us from seeing others as they truly are.
4.    The Holy Spirit is so glad when we can learn from the True Easter teachings.
5.    The mystical message of the crucifixion is release from all fear and then to "teach only Love for that is what you are." The crucifixion was a wholly benign extreme example of this teaching.
6.    No perception other than these are in accord with Jesus’ teachings.
As we walk our Holy Week experience into our resurrection, we might ask ourselves:
1.     Who am I still seeing wearing a crown of thorns? Isn’t it about time to release this old perception of pain and fear and hurt?
2.    What great gift is waiting for me this week for the unfoldment of my consciousness in teaching only love?
I look forward to meeting with you Easter evening at 5:00 p.m. to hear about your Love Rising experiences. Peace – Shanti - Peace as we walk our Holy Week walks separately and held in Oneness.
Easter Hugs,
Rev. Jesse