Circle of Gratitude

Circle of Gratitude

 Join our Circle at UOB on On Oct. 22 and Oct. 29, at 6:30 p.m., where participants will delve deeper into a discussion on gratitude.

Group attendees will share what they are grateful for, how they express gratitude, how they receive gratitude and probably most importantly - how to better live a life of gratitude. 

This is a perfect time to reflect upon and give thanks for all the good in our lives.  Note:  The Nov. 5 and Nov. 12 Gratitude Circle will meet at Unity of the Mountains here in Blairsville.  


We welcome Jim Saltness and Karen Bilter who will facilitate the Gratitude circle. 

They are new residents of Blairsville, and they join us from the Unity Church of Naples, FL.  

im and Karen have hosted Gratitude Circles with great reviews from participants.  


A Course in Miracles 

You are invited to join our A Course in Miracles study group at 11am each Thursday morning.

All are welcome. Whether you are new to the Course or a life long student, the lessons within are positively life changing and always insightful.

Facilitated by Mary Cenci.



Open Your Mind to Prosperity

"Open Your Mind to Prosperity"
Enjoy a book study and valuable discussion about "PROSPERITY"--THURSDAY, Nov. 8th, 2018 at 6:30pm at Unity of Blairsville  

Based upon the book Open Your Mind to Prosperity, by Catherine Ponder, and our Unity teachings,  the goal of the class is the learn and share new ways to achieve your divine birthright now and to prosper in the areas of inner peace, health, and finances.

MaryAnn Cuthbertson will facilitate.  The class is free.  The book can be downloaded as PDF or purchased online.   
"God is the Source of your supply, not people or conditions. Realizing that the basis of your prosperity is spiritual is a practical attitude and assures your financial success."
(Excerpt from Open Your Mind to Prosperity, Ch.1)