Children's Prayer: Joy & Happiness

Unity Worldwide Ministries

"Even if for just a moment, the happiness and laughter of a child offers the weary mind relief. By living in the present and being aware of what surrounds them, children express the gift of joy that dwells within each of us."

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Self-directed Lessons

A Prayer for Children: The Power of Imagination by By Dr. Araceli Marchan

When a child visualizes their future, they shape the fullness of their greatest potential

Did you know that you are God’s best idea ever? You are made in God’s image and likeness. You have everything within you that you will need to carry out your divine mission.  All the great leaders around the world share one common belief: We become what we think about.

We can help children to create life experiences by encouraging them to visualize or imagine themselves attaining their heart’s desire. When children imagine that they already have what they desire, they cocreate their reality.


A Prayer for Children: Health and Wholeness
By Trish Yancey, LUT, CSE

Helping youth develop positive mental patterns creates important lifelong habits

Being healthy is about far more than just not being sick.  Being healthy goes deeper than the state of our body—it includes our mind and spirit as well. Balance between the three leads to wholeness and vitality.

Did you know? Children are typically more aware of (and aligned with) their inner landscape than grown-ups allow themselves to be, even though it may seem like a complex equation that kids would have a hard time grasping. With some direction from receptive adults, our youth can easily develop their innate harmonizing tools and take charge of their own wellness.


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A Shared Prayer for Families


We visualize the breath of God filling our bodies with divine love, light, and wholeness.

Centering in Our Heart Space

We allow it all to settle there, taking root inside us.

We Pause

We allow that divine energy to grow and expand, radiating outward, renewing and infusing every cell of our body, mind, and spirit with divine substance.


We let any stress or tension leave us, feeling it neutralized and cleansed as it does. Restored, it moves outward, bringing new life and health to us, our home, and our family.

We gratefully claim it now, and so it is.


5 Tips for Mindful Parenting During Change
By Lila Herrmann

Joy, gratitude, and forgiveness fosters strong connections with your kids

When I was expecting my first child, I heard about a friend of a friend who journaled every day, documenting her pregnancy with emotion-filled writing, poetry quotations, and personal reflection.

Another mom-to-be was doing a photo essay of her journey to motherhood.

I was puking my guts out for the first six months, so there was no journal, no photos, and much of the time food smelled like car exhaust. I felt like a failure for not creating some spectacularly special set of mementos illustrating the joy I felt at becoming a mom.